Fix it, or Kick it – Computer Help/Entertainment (Online/Offline)

“Fix it, or Kick it – Computer Help/Entertainment”: (Online/Offline).
Having the Computer knowledge I have I enjoy helping individuals with the basics of computer repair, and maintenance. I usually do online help either through email, Facebook, or on this new page I created through Word-Press. I base most my knowledge and skills on Virus Removal, and Spyware Removal. I have been working on, and with computers since 1998. I also have completed A+, and N+ Prep Courses. I can setup Small Networks, Repair, Rebuild, update, upgrade, and maintenance on computers.

This Page is setup for individuals to seek easy Computer Help, and Information they seek on Computers Maintenance, with a little bit of Entertainment; from My YouTube Channel. I offer My Own Products, and Publications For-sale; as well as I Sell other Various items. (Knick Knacks, Toys, Collectibles; and Computer Related items).

If any individual’s would like to “Donate” to help this site grow, I do have a Pay-pal Account for any Monetary Transactions. Need to contact me leave me a message here, or send me an email at

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My Natures Elements Calendar (2018)

My Natures Elements Calendar (2018): – by Eddie O. I created this Calendar from Image I took with My Digital Camera of different Elements of Nature. The Calendar provides some Birthdays of People I know, the United States Holidays, Canada Holidays (English); and German Holidays.

Price: $12.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
  • Can be Purchased at the Following Links;

Calendar Created from Pictures I took with My Nikon Digital Camera. Created at

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Western Union Email Scam

Western Union Email Scam: – One of those too good to be true Scams. Offering the Individual a Fake Amount of Money. All that Individual Has to do is Submit Personal Data, Banking Information; and Pay an Upfront Fee to Receive the Money Falsely Allocated. “Do Not Click on these type of Emails, or Links inside these kind of Emails”. Below are Images of what these Scams look like.


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Cloudy Skies #9

Cloudy Skies #9: – Pictures of the Sky during different days of the week in Port Allegany.


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Black Birds in Port Allegany

Black Birds in Port Allegany: – I was outside with my Cell Phone as I seen this Group of Black Birds Fly over head in Port Allegany.

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Me to You

About Me to You: – 

Hello, I am a Widowed Father, of two Young Boys 8; and 9 years of Age. I do Computer Repair/Recycling, and I like to take Pictures; of the different Elements of Nature. My Family resides in Northern Pennsylvania, where the Weather is constantly Changing. When I was Younger I traveled up, and down the East Coast. Visiting some of Our Countries greatest places. I have always been a Native to Pennsylvania, living in New York State for a brief few Months. I just had a Birthday recently, marking me two years shy of 40. I been working with/on Computers since 1998, with my Priorities in Virus Removal; and Security. Web Design, and creating Web pages has been a Hobby of mine throughout the years. As if Publishing Websites was My only Material, I have had My Poetry Book Published as well. Both in Paperback, and in eBook Format. I am an Active Author in Poetry, Short Stories; and working on a Novel. This was a little brief Summary, of About Me; to All of You.

Thank-you, Eddie O.

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Welfare Reform (My Plan to Reform Welfare)

Welfare Reform (My Plan to Reform Welfare): – This is My Plan to help Reform the Welfare System. Offering a 6 Month Grace period, will Eliminate Constant Application Processes; and Hiring of only Case Workers. Creating New Jobs in the Public, and Private Sectors; rather than in the Welfare Office. Putting Millions back to Work, Spending Millions less giving out Benefits; making the Economy Great for everyone.

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