The Tale of the Cat with Two Tails

“The Tale of the Cat with Two Tails”
March 7, 2013                                                                                                                                           ECO’s – Products & Publications ©, Author Edward Orlowski.

Dinkup a locally orphaned cat always found prowling through abandoned alley ways, searching for rats, mice; and other rodent’s to eat. He’s the site for many in a freakish sense, Dinkup was born deformed; this cat born with Two Tails was definitely not from nature. One day while Dinkup was prowling for his food, some local kids came upon him. Having Dinkup surrounded the local kids caught him, as he was hissing, and clawing. The children see a clothes line hanging, so they decided to take Dinkup to hang him out to dry. Dinkup fighting for his life clawing the kids, they managed to hang him by tying his two tails together over the string. The kids laughed throwing rocks at Dinkup, as he hissed; and he heaved his body around Dinkup had nowhere to go. The kids decided to leave, leaving Dinkup hanging. After a few days of hanging, Dinkups Predatorily instincts kicked in and Dinkup chewed his one tail off; falling back to the ground. Wanting revenge Dinkup waited days to see the local children again to pursue his attack.


About Eddie O.

Since 1998 I took interest in Computers, learning mostly about Virus removal; and security. Throughout the years I successfully completed A+, & N+ Prep Courses, for Computer Repairs; and Networking. Following the completion of them courses I enrolled into Online College for my Associates in Business Management, and my Bachelor in IT. I am considered a Free Lance Computer Technician, I specialize in Virus Removal, Rebuilding, and recovering Windows Operating Systems.
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