Rogue (FAKE) Virus Scanners

I was working on a computer last night removing another Rogue Anti-virus program that installs on your Computer as a result of a popup telling you that your computer has been infected. These Rogue programs trick you into scanning with their fake scanner and installs a virus to your harddrive. When I went to start the computer the desktop background loaded but no desktop icons did. I had to hit ctrl+alt+del to bring up task manager. In this process I had to click the New task button and type in Desktop for it to finish loading the desktop. Once this loaded I seen all the popups on the infected computer giving me the file names of the virus.

Fake Program Names.
1. Anti-Malware Scanner
2. Coreguard
3. Control Center
4. Security System

The files involved were.
1. Shrpubw.exe
2. wscsvc32.exe

The virus names were.
1. Rootkit.Win32.Agent.pp
2. Networm.Win32.Mytob.T
3. Virus.Win32.hala.A
4. Net-Worm.Win32.Dipnet.D
5. Chin09.Win


About Eddie O.

Since 1998 I took interest in Computers, learning mostly about Virus removal; and security. Throughout the years I successfully completed A+, & N+ Prep Courses, for Computer Repairs; and Networking. Following the completion of them courses I enrolled into Online College for my Associates in Business Management, and my Bachelor in IT. I am considered a Free Lance Computer Technician, I specialize in Virus Removal, Rebuilding, and recovering Windows Operating Systems.
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