Way Things Been (Poem)

Way Things Been (Poem): – Is a Poem I Wrote, and is Published in My Poetry Book; Nothing More – Nothing Less Vol.1 (Revised).

Way Things Been:
Written by Eddie Orlowski. ©
April 10, 2010

Thinking of the way things have been,
Wishing deep down things could be again.
The thought’s of younot here, not around,
Love has faded, Our relationship came unbound.
Wanting the most of the ones true love,
While ones mind is high in the cloud’s above.
Thinking of the way thing’s have been,
Trapped love, heart being lost left-out again.
Saddened tear’s of love grown lost for good,
Never figured what went completely wrong, never understood.
Love has it’s reason’s, and it has it’s many ways,
True love can start from the sun’s very first rays.
Having true meaning, and ones full heart,
Love has to grow, can’t just come from the start.
My feeling’s for you are strong in many ways,
Growing weaker though, not loved back in many days.
The way thing’s have been can always be the past,
Don’t give up on love, not today; make it last.

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About Eddie O.

Since 1998 I took interest in Computers, learning mostly about Virus removal; and security. Throughout the years I successfully completed A+, & N+ Prep Courses, for Computer Repairs; and Networking. Following the completion of them courses I enrolled into Online College for my Associates in Business Management, and my Bachelor in IT. I am considered a Free Lance Computer Technician, I specialize in Virus Removal, Rebuilding, and recovering Windows Operating Systems.
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