Page Update

Page Update: – Other than Posting New Photo Collections in My Posts, I have decided to Create some Slideshow Gallery Pages; of the Various Photos I take. Individuals can find these New Gallery Pages, under My Photo Gallery by Clicking on their Links.

Below are the Page Links to My Slideshow Galleries.

– Natures Slideshow,

– Fake “Rogue” Virus Scanners,

– Bad/Flagged Sites, & Email/Internet Scams,

– My KoRn Experience,

I also changed how Individuals find the Help Links. The Help Links are No Longer on the Side Bar. In order to find them, Click on the Help Links Page. I added all Links that was on Sidebar to that Page.

– Help Links Page.

Other Change is that I took My YouTube Channel Links off the Sidebar as well. These Pages, with all My YouTube Videos; can be found under My Products. On the Menu Bar near Top of Page, under the Proper Category.

– My YouTube Channel Links.

– My YouTube Channel Videos.

Thank-you, Eddie O.


About Eddie O.

Since 1998 I took interest in Computers, learning mostly about Virus removal; and security. Throughout the years I successfully completed A+, & N+ Prep Courses, for Computer Repairs; and Networking. Following the completion of them courses I enrolled into Online College for my Associates in Business Management, and my Bachelor in IT. I am considered a Free Lance Computer Technician, I specialize in Virus Removal, Rebuilding, and recovering Windows Operating Systems.
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