Computer Repair, Rebuilding, Recycling, Maintenance, Installation, Network, & Internet Troubleshooting.
Abstract: I have been working with computers since 1998, when I decided to expand my education learning more in depth how computers worked, how they function, and security issues. In 2003 I enrolled myself and completed A+, and N+ Prep Course receiving my Prep course Certification. After finishing my Prep Course, I started repairing computers for customers; and troubleshooting basic network issues for internet connectivity. I have set up numerous home networks for customer’s installing all equipment, software, and devices needed to operate the network. In 2004 I started working for Adelphia Communication’s as a Tier 1 Technical Support; here I helped current customers with internet connectivity issues, by troubleshooting internet issues over the phone, checked for outages, ISP email services, and billing options. I decided to go further in 2009 by enrolling myself into the University of Phoenix seeking my Associates in Business Management, and my Bachelor in IT Profession.

• Computer Repair/Rebuilding.

(1) Installing Hardware – power supplies, motherboards, memory(RAM), hard drives, cd-roms, dvd-roms, floppy drives, video cards, sound cards, Ethernet cards, dial-up modems, printers, external hard drives, and external cd-rom drives.
(2) Installing Software – device drivers to operate all hardware, printers, operating systems, windows updates, usb software, firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware, and maintenance tools.
(3) Configuration – sound devices, video devices, usb devices, and printers.

• Network/Internet.

(1) Installing Hardware – making Cat 5 Ethernet cable, Ethernet card, dial-up modems, router, hubs,
(2) Installing Software – internet explorer, fire-fox browser, opera browser, email setup, network connections, LAN setup, Dial-up connection, Wireless connections, print sharing, IP configuration, detecting proxies, detection of open ports, internet security, and internet connection.
(3) Configuration – local connections, computer to computer network, computer to internet network, port blocking, remote access, wireless internet connections, print/file sharing, internet privacy options, internet security, browser add-ons, email client/server, and firewall options.

• Maintenance.

(1) Installing/Deletion – registry tools, defrag, cleanup of junk files, cleanup of invalid short-cuts, invalid registry files, deletion of browsing history, repair of corrupted files, deletion of temp files, temporary internet files, cookies, virus removal, spyware removal, malware removal, un-used installations, and performance optimization.
(2) Configuration – Bios/CMOS, safe mode, system restore, recovery console, anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware, registry optimizing tools, speed scans, and free space allocation.

• Troubleshooting.

(1) Hardware issues, software issues, internet connectivity, browser settings, virus removal, spyware removal, boot up, power loss, memory errors, IRQ errors, I/O Address errors, blue screen errors, logon failure, device drivers, bios/CMOS errors, .dll/.ocx errors, and operating system errors.

This Part of Page below is just a side part I created to show lists of my favorite things, like bands, movies, books, tv shows, etc. Individuals can also comment their favorites.

“My Top 10 Favorite Bands”: –
1.) KoRn,
2.) Ozzy,
3.) Black Sabbath,
4.) AcidBath,
5.) Jack of Jill,
6.) Poe,
7.) Life of Agony,
8.) Nirvana,
9.) Johnny Cash,
10.) Cradle of Filth.

“My Top 10 Songs by KoRn”: –
1.) Trash
2.) Chaos lives in Everything
3.) Alone I Break
4.) Cameltosis
5.) Clown
6.) Shoots & Ladders
7.) Dead Bodies Everywhere
8.) No Place to hide
9.) Love Song
10.) Good God

“My Top 5 Books”: –
1.) The Gunslinger – Steven King
2.) The Drawing of the Three – Steven King
3.) The Wastelands – Steven King
4.) Wizards and Glass – Steven King
5.) The Wind through the Keyhole – Steven King

“My 10 Favorite Movies”: –
1.) Strangeland
2.) The Devils Rejects
3.) Rules of Attraction
4.) London
5.) Sex Drive
6.) Fight Club
7.) American History X
8.) Hannibal Trilogy
9.) Click
10.) House of a 1000 Corpses

“My 5 Favorite TV Shows”: –
1.) Criminal Minds
2.) CSI Miami
3.) House
4.) Vampire Diaries
5.) The Originals

“My 5 Favorite Actors/Actresses”: –
1.) Edward Norton
2.) Sid Haag
3.) Ryan Reynolds
4.) Roselyn Sanchez
5.) Denzel Washington

“My Favorite Car”: –
1.) 1970 Chevelle, (SS) with a big Block 454.

“My 3 Favorite Comedians”: –
1.) George Carlin
2.) Chris Rock
3.) Dane Cook

“My Favorite Animal”: –

“My Favorite Cartoons”: –
1.) Rocko’s Modern Life
2.) Looney Toons
3.) Tom & Jerry
4.) Scooby Doo
5.) Beavis & Butt-Head

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