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Western Union Email Scam

Western Union Email Scam: – One of those too good to be true Scams. Offering the Individual a Fake Amount of Money. All that Individual Has to do is Submit Personal Data, Banking Information; and Pay an Upfront Fee to … Continue reading

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Me to You

About Me to You: –  Hello, I am a Widowed Father, of two Young Boys 8; and 9 years of Age. I do Computer Repair/Recycling, and I like to take Pictures; of the different Elements of Nature. My Family resides … Continue reading

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Remote Desktop Connection (How to Find)

Remote Desktop Connection (How to Find). Here I will explain a few ways, How to Find Remote Desktop Connection, so One could Access a Computer Remotely; through a Desktop Connection. Click Start, All Programs, Accessories; Click Remote Desktop Connection. Click … Continue reading

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Page Update

Page Update: – Other than Posting New Photo Collections in My Posts, I have decided to Create some Slideshow Gallery Pages; of the Various Photos I take. Individuals can find these New Gallery Pages, under My Photo Gallery by Clicking on … Continue reading

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Command Prompt (How to Find)

Command Prompt (How to Find): – Here are a few ways to find Command Prompt (CMD) on Ones Computer. Click Start, Type in Run Command “CMD”, Click CMD, Click Enter. Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt. Click Start, My … Continue reading

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Parental Controls (Where to Find)

Setup Parental Controls (Where to Find): – These Instructions will Show One where to find Parental Controls. To Block certain Content, from being Viewed by Children; that is Not Suitable for Children. Here are a Few ways to find this … Continue reading

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