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Here individuals can see Screen shots of “Potentially” Bad, or marked as bad; malicious sites. (It is recommended to not view sites that are marked like this as being harmful to ones files, and privacy).

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Potentially Unsafe Files and Locations

These files were picked up during an Antivirus scan using AVG Antivirus. The results show the files name, and locations of the files in question that are potentially harmful to an individuals computer. “”;”Potentially harmful program Toolbar.Conduit, C:\Users\—–\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\banjjklfojcdbofbhbgiedekefohoaff\\plugins\TBVerifier.dll”;”Secured” “”;”Potentially … Continue reading

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Pay-Pal Fraud Site

Below is a screenshot of a “FRAUDULENT” Pay-Pal Site, Do not put your information in site unless you know they’re legit.

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Fraudulent Sites

These are screenshots of some “Flagged/Marked” by Verizon Internet Security Suite. “Fraudulent Site #1” “Fraudulent Site #2” “Fraudulent Site #3”

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Bad/Flagged Sites

The screenshots shown in this section are websites that were searched on Yahoo, Google, or other search engines that are marked “Potentially” bad; or flagged for dangerous content. These websites have the potential to uploading viruses, spyware, key-loggers, privacy invasion, … Continue reading

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