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Page Update

Page Update: – Other than Posting New Photo Collections in My Posts, I have decided to Create some Slideshow Gallery Pages; of the Various Photos I take. Individuals can find these New Gallery Pages, under My Photo Gallery by Clicking on … Continue reading

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Parental Controls (Where to Find)

Setup Parental Controls (Where to Find): – These Instructions will Show One where to find Parental Controls. To Block certain Content, from being Viewed by Children; that is Not Suitable for Children. Here are a Few ways to find this … Continue reading

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Android iOS Clear APP Cache

Android iOS Clear APP Cache: – This D.I.Y. Video I show how to go in to Clear APP Cache, and Downloads Cache through Task Manager then Downloads; to Clear APP Cache.

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Android iOS Browser Cleanup (DIY):

Android iOS Browser Cleanup (DIY): – This Video I show, and explain how to go through Browser Settings on Android iOS to Delete Browser History, Cache, Form Data, Saved Passwords; and Cookies. Thank-you, Eddie O. Fix it, or Kick it … Continue reading

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Junk Computer and Mobile Device Drop-off

Junk Computer and Mobile Device Drop-off: – (Local Drop-off Only in Mckean/Potter County). Anyone in the Local area got Junk Computers? Or Mobile Devices? I will gladly take any of that unwanted Junk off Your Hands. I will Not Pay for … Continue reading

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Samsung: Android 2.2.2 Date, & Time Setup

Samsung: Android 2.2.2 Model #: SPH-M910 Set Date & Time: – Go to Settings, Date & Time settings; Automatic. Go to Settings, Date & Time settings; Set Date. Go to Settings, Date & Time settings; Time. Go to Settings, Date … Continue reading

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