My Products

This Page is to Show what current Products, or Publications of My Own are Displayed.

Nothing More – Nothing Left Vol.1 (Revised). My Poetry Book: – -Paperback., $5.50. – – Paperback, $5.50. Kindlefire eBook – $2.99.

Our Handmade Wooden Cell Phone/Tablet Stands. “ECO’s – Product’s, & Publication’s”.

  • Some Stands in Pictures below have been Sold. Inquire about Current Available Stands, or Order a Custom Handmade Stand. (Colors, & Shape).
  • Colors Used are, Oil Based Paints (Toxic), Stains (Toxic), Latex (Interior/Exterior – Non Toxic) Paints; and Water Paints (Non Toxic).
  • Costs are $5.00 U.S.D., NO Checks, NO Money Orders; NO Refunds. Online Payments via Paypal are Accepted, and Cash on Distribution.
  • Shipping, or Local Pickup is Available. Shipping Fees are Charged to Customer, Pickup is Free.



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