My YouTube Channel Links

My YouTube Channel: – On My YouTube Channel, You’ll be able to watch Videos; and Slide Shows of Various Videos I took. Some of the Videos consist of Humor, Education, Nature, Computer Help, My Products; and My Publications. Below will be Links to My YouTube Channel; and Individual Videos.

My YouTube Channel:

Black Birds in Port Allegany,

Welfare Reform (My Plan),

Straightup into a Whiteout,

Whiteout in Port Allegany, 3-3-17.

Birds Getting the Worms, 2-25-17,

Day Ride #4, (Remote Control Truck),

Black Birds,

Wait For It, Today’s Snow Fall; (Bird in Background),

Snow Falling Today, (2-16-17),

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2-10-17,

Day Ride #3, (Remote Control Truck),

Walk at Night in Port Allegany,

Snow Ride 1 (RC Truck Video),

Spun 1 (Remote Control Video), 

Weather Today, (Northern Pennsylvania), 1-27-2017.

Reg Edit (DIY) Video Tutorial,

Snowy Day in PA,

Day Ride #1, (Remote Control Toy),

Disk Cleanup (DIY) Tutorial,

Night Ride #1, (Remote Control Toy at Night),

Ipconfig (DIY) Tutorial,

MSCONFIG (DIY) Tutorial,

Ambience of Flowing Water #1,

Take a Ride into My Kitchen,

Its Pooring Rain #2,

Its Pooring Rain #1,

Rain Pounding Puddle,

Chipmunk Feeding #3,

Chipmunk Feeding #2,

Chipmunk Feeding #1,

Chipmunk & Peanuts #2,

Chipmunk & Peanuts #1,

Squirrel Crossing Road,

Morning Dove #1,

Its Snowing,

Mole & Peanuts #2,

Mole & Peanuts #1,

Cats Fighting,

Task Manager v.1,

Love & Death (SlideShow),

Take A Spin,

KoRn Video #1,

KoRn Video #2,

KoRn Video #3,

KoRn Video #4,

Nothing More – Nothing Less v.1 (Revised) Book Promo #2,

Nothing More – Nothing Less v.1 (Revised) Book Promo #1,

Severe (Poem), NMNLv.1Revised,

I Got to Go (Poem), NMNLv1Revised,

Did You Get that Lightning?,

Pulsating Burn,

CrayFish #2,

CrayFish #1,

CrayFish & Minnow #1,

Neighborhood Rabbit #2,

Neighborhood Rabbit #1,

Walk Down the Pool Trail,

Butterfly in Bush,

Windy Day,

Kick Camel, Buy Slushy (Audio),

Tattered Sorrows (Poem), “Audio”,


Bumpy Ride Around Yard #1,

Android iOS Clear APP Cache,

Android iOS Clear Browser History/Cache/Cookies,



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