Remote Desktop Connection (How to Find)

Remote Desktop Connection (How to Find).


Here I will explain a few ways, How to Find Remote Desktop Connection, so One could Access a Computer Remotely; through a Desktop Connection.

  1. Click Start, All Programs, Accessories; Click Remote Desktop Connection.

  2. Click Start, Type in Run Command – Remote Desktop Connection; Click on the Application.

  3. Click Start, Click Control Panel, System and Security, Click on System Category, System Properties will Appear Click Remote Tab; Allow Remote Assistance.

  4. Click Start, Click Control Panel, System and Security, Click on System Category; Allow Remote Access.

  5. Click Start, Right Click My Computer, Click Properties, Control Panel will Appear; Go through System and Security, System, Remote Settings; Click Allow Remote Access.

If Anyone has any Additional instructions, Please Add them under the Comments. Thank-you Eddie O.

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Bubble in the Glass

Bubble in the Glass: – I was looking out My Windows, and seen the Bubble. So I grabbed My Camera to see what kind of Picture I would get.

dscn5339 dscn5338 dscn5334 dscn5329

Click “Continue Reading”, to see more Pictures in this Collection.

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Page Update

Page Update: – Other than Posting New Photo Collections in My Posts, I have decided to Create some Slideshow Gallery Pages; of the Various Photos I take. Individuals can find these New Gallery Pages, under My Photo Gallery by Clicking on their Links.

Below are the Page Links to My Slideshow Galleries.

– Natures Slideshow,

– Fake “Rogue” Virus Scanners,

– Bad/Flagged Sites, & Email/Internet Scams,

– My KoRn Experience,

I also changed how Individuals find the Help Links. The Help Links are No Longer on the Side Bar. In order to find them, Click on the Help Links Page. I added all Links that was on Sidebar to that Page.

– Help Links Page.

Other Change is that I took My YouTube Channel Links off the Sidebar as well. These Pages, with all My YouTube Videos; can be found under My Products. On the Menu Bar near Top of Page, under the Proper Category.

– My YouTube Channel Links.

– My YouTube Channel Videos.

Thank-you, Eddie O.

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Straightup into a White out (Port Allegany 3-3-17)

Straightup into a White out, is a Video I Captured from My Home in Port Allegany, PA; of a White out looking Straight up into it. Today 3-3-17. This Shows all the Directions Snow can come at You during a White Out. One is able to see Up Drafts, Down Drafts, Sideways Snow; and Circling Snow.

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White Out in Port Allegany 3-3-17

White Out in Port Allegany 3-3-17: – White Out I Captured, in Port Allegany; PA. Today 3-3-17, at 11:20 am. In Port Allegany, PA; Northern Pennsylvania.

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Command Prompt (How to Find)

Command Prompt (How to Find): –

Here are a few ways to find Command Prompt (CMD) on Ones Computer.

  1. Click Start, Type in Run Command “CMD”, Click CMD, Click Enter.

  2. Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt.

  3. Click Start, My Computer, Local C:, Windows, System 32; CMD.exe.

  4. Restart Computer, Press F8 wait for Options Safe Mode, Click Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Do Not Edit Computer Settings through Command Prompt unless You have Knowledge with CMD.

If anyone has any additional instructions, please leave them in the Comments. Thank-you, Eddie O.

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