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Page Update

Page Update: – Other than Posting New Photo Collections in My Posts, I have decided to Create some Slideshow Gallery Pages; of the Various Photos I take. Individuals can find these New Gallery Pages, under My Photo Gallery by Clicking on … Continue reading

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Fake (Rogue) Antivirus (Viruses)

Fake (Rogue) Antivirus (Viruses): – Surfing the Net comes with some Bad People trying to Steal your Information. They make these Pop-up Rogue (Fake) Virus Scanners that look Legit. Telling individuals their Computer is infected, “Run Scan Now”. Once individual … Continue reading

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Microsoft Security Essentials Alert: “Fraud/Fake/Rogue”

“Microsoft Security Essentials Alert: “Fraud/Fake/Rogue” Immitating Virus Scanner. – This scanner looks just like Microsofts Securities Essential Scanner, the difference is the misspelling in some of the words on the Scanner. If a user clicks the “Clean Computer” Tab this … Continue reading

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