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Fake (Rogue) Antivirus (Viruses)

Fake (Rogue) Antivirus (Viruses): – Surfing the Net comes with some Bad People trying to Steal your Information. They make these Pop-up Rogue (Fake) Virus Scanners that look Legit. Telling individuals their Computer is infected, “Run Scan Now”. Once individual … Continue reading

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System Adware Scanner 2010 (Fake Scanner):

System Adware Scanner 2010 (Fake Scanner): I cleaned this off an XP system and here are some of the file names incorporated with this Rogue Tool (Fake Virus Scan). yax8a2j0.exe a0135082.exe mbsvsysguard.exe azkabath.exe a0135086.dll a0135230.dll a0135083.exe a0135238.dll a0135294.dll gimp1.jpg gimp2.jpg … Continue reading

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